Planetarium and Astronomical Museum is temporarily closed for upgrading works in compliance with regulations.

The educational activities are transferred to the Civic Museum of Zoology.

The Planetarium occupies a hall of about 300 square meters and is covered by a large dome, specially made by the French company Denis. The dome has a diameter of 14 meters and has 100 seats on comfortable ergonomic armchairs mounted in concentric rows.
All the new optical and digital technology, and in particular the splendid SN 88 optical projector, has been specially designed and manufactured by the French company R.S. Automation Industrie.

It is a fully automated instrument and is composed of various elements:

- the actual Planetarium itself, consisting of two hemispheres that project about 4500 stars, for the projection of the line of the Equator, the Ecliptic and the Zodiac.
 - 5 Projectors for the planets
 - 12 slide projectors projecting a single image across the entire dome
 - the stereo sound system, made up of 6 channels
 - the possibility to animate astronomical images in 3D